VFX for Architectural Visualization




VFX for Architectural Visualization

Each striking architectural visualization you see was likely created using an assortment of different tools. In this course, compositing and 3D animation expert Scott Pagano shows how to use a range of stellar tools and VFX techniques to make architectural renderings of buildings look as if they’ve been placed into an existing still image or full-motion video. Using applications like Adobe After Effects and Autodesk Maya—alongside key plugins like SpeedTree— Scott Pagano takes a model of a structure, renders it out, and then composites it into a moving video. Along the way, he shares tips for importing and tracking footage in After Effects, working with 3D foliage, color correcting buildings and trees, and much more.

 Course Title: VFX for Architectural Visualization

average level

Total time of the course: 1.38 hours

Number of image files: 32

Training year: 2018

Training file: Has

Course coach: Scott Pagano

Software: Maya – After Effects

Subtitle: no