SketchUp Pro 2018




The software is powerful, with a variety of tools for making, editing and releasing 3D models. Unlike other 3D applications, this program requires less system resources and can be run on weak computers. With a simple and user-friendly appearance, it creates a good relationship with the novice.

Together, we’ll explore the new features of this new app:

Smarter Sections More detailed sections:

Named Sections:

Just like the structural components, the parts of the levels have names and symbols to access, organize, and edit easily in Outliner. Now, it’s very easy to access and manage the parts when needed.

Filled Section Cuts:

Filled Section Cuts are now bundled in SketchUp Pro. Select a color to fill in the dialog styles and bake them in the templates

Fast Sections:

We improved the performance for models that use surface segments to hide large geometries.

Paint better

Scaled Vector Drawing:

Need to add Linework in your model? Create a scalable layout in LayOut and draw a 3D model to design your project. Or scales details from scratch.

DWG Import:

Import a DWG to LayOut and find images that are already measured in size. Currently, sketch projects can work alongside CAD libraries and take advantage of DWG libraries anywhere.

Better design:
Inferencing, chamfering and filleting, arcs, offset arrays, selections: LayOut is even better than anything you need to design detail or create beautiful images on a scale.

Got bim

Advanced Attributes:
We introduce the Advanced Attribute fields for price, size, site address, type, state, owner. So now, it’s easier to put useful information in the project.

Aggregated Reports:
Generate Report is currently collecting generic data so you can sort things like configuration reports for aggregating the quantities and quantities for programs and dropping lists or creating accurate estimates by adding prices by category. Do it.

IFC Import / Export:
BIM works better when information is transferred between programs freely. You can rely on IFC in SketchUp to transfer features that have been manipulated and assigned to projects.