3DS Max for beginners : 3D modeling fundamentals




3DS Max for beginners : 3D modeling fundamentals

Master the art of 3D modeling using 3DS MAX in just a few hours. Take your first step to enter the 3D computer graphic world with this carefully designed course.

Who is this course for?

This course is designed for complete beginners so no prior experience is needed.

The skills you learn from this course will become the foundations of our next course where we learn more advance topics.

What you will learn?

First we’ll cover the fundamental stuff in 3DS MAX such as the UI, transformation, object creation and manipulation. Then we move on to different 3D modeling techniques from primitive object, polygon based modeling, spline based modeling until we learn how to use subdivision or NURMS for modeling. We’ll cover a lot of exercise projects designed to develop your skill step-by-step.

After completing this course you are recommended to take the next step course “Interior rendering with 3ds Max and Corona” where we deepen our knowledge further on lighting, material and rendering using Corona rendering engine.


 Course title: Skillshare – 3DS Max for beginners: 3D modeling fundamentals

 Level: Beginner

Total time of the course: 3.17 hours

 Number of image files: 43

 Year of training: 2019

 Workout file: not

Course coach: Widhi Muttaqien

 Software: 3DS Max

Subtitle: no