Virtual tour +3D rendering and Architectural Design

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The birth of virtual tour technology makes computer technology more humane and more attractive to people One of them. Places of interest that you never see in real life, as long as you sit in front of your computer, even if it’s a day awaySide, you can see, and roam freely, without any restrictions and constraints in reality.

virtual reality and construction

The rapid development of computer technology makes architectural designers step into the computer-aided design from the stage of manual drawing In the stage, CAD(computer deddesig)n makes the development of the construction industry enter a brand-new world. The designer Scientists are recreating a realistic alternative reality in a different way, using computers to show how much richer it is the idea of color really shows the characteristics of the building and its surrounding environment. But if you want to look inside the building, Computer-aided design is powerless. Virtual reality technology makes this dream come true. In the architectural design phase can be visible, dynamic A comprehensive display of the building’s geographical environment, building appearance and various ancillary facilities, so that people can roam in a virtual environment or even inside a future building. Before you break ground, build A virtual model of the building allows designers to physically visit the future building, Correct inappropriate areas. This can save money and shorten design time. Even more wonderful is when the user wears When you put the helmet on, specify any location, and the system will quickly display a three-dimensional view from that locationLike, the user can choose the cruise route and speed arbitrarily, and the virtual system can continuously produce according to this route and direction Generate a series of views of the inside or outside of the building that users can see during roaming. In architectural planning and design, the most commonly used VR technology is 3d animation technology of buildings. Three buildings D animation technology has two main forms of expression, namely, motion animation and camera motion The “roaming” animation.3d animation of buildings mainly adopts roaming mode, namely, translation of camera lens, Rotating, pushing, pulling, rocking, zooming and combination transformation perform the building in different directions. It should be noted that: Virtual reality architecture design is different from static renderings of buildings, and its production process is not just a 3d model Type plus the roaming path. Hong Kong’s new airport is designed to use this technology, and one can see the positions of airports that have not yet been built The placement, interior, exterior, and takeoff and landing of the aircraft give people a very emotional sense of what the airport will look like when it is built Knowledge. This is all virtual, of course. Therefore, VR technology is the design of architectural planning scheme, display of decoration effect, scheme bidding, scheme demonstration and method A powerful tool for a case review. Virtual reality technology will be widely used in future urban construction and planning. The United States Some California city centers have been built using virtual models, and it is reported that the virtual system even

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